Abbey of Valloires

The abbey of Valloires was founded in the twelfth century by the Cistercians. It is located in the Val d'Authie, a river that runs parallel with the Somme and flows into the sea near Berck-sur-Mer. The original abbey was destroyed in the 17th century during the Hundred Years War. It was re-established in the 18th century.

Abbey Valloires 

Part of the abbey is open to the public. Especially the church, with a baroque interior, is worthwhile. In the abbey there are also a number of rooms for visitors (B&B).

The gardens of the abbey are also accessible to the public (entrance is 200 meters away from the entrance of the abbey). They were only constructed in 1989. Do not be mislead : from the abbey you see only a small part of the gardens. For the most beautiful sections of the garden, you really have to go inside.

Valloires Gardens 

Valloires abbey   Valloires garden

Valloires  Garden

abbey  abbey - garden

If you drive back to the coast from the abbey, stop at the Moulin de Maintenay, an idyllic spot along the Authie. There is an restaurant, with a few tables along the water. Definitely worth a stop, when the sun is shining !

moulin de maintenay  mainteny - Authie