Entrada do Barca - Cabo Sardao

Starting from Zambujeiro, we advise to do the first kilomters by car (between Zambujeira and Entrada do Barca the path runs along the main road). In Entrada do Barca, keep left at the first restaurant and go off-road down to the second restaurant (Sacas, we can higly recommend if you want good, fresh seafood).

The path runs along the small harbour, where fishermen are active with their small boats. Continue along the wooden bridge and climb up the hill. This is the only 'difficult' part of the track. From there on, you continue on top of the cliffs, with magnificent views on the cliffs, the valleys and beaches. This is the only part of the Fisherman's Trail that can be biked. Consequently the path is slightly less attractive to walk, but the views compensate for this.

Fisherman Entrada da Barca
Entrada do Barca


After 8 kilometer you reach the lighthouse of the Cabo Sardao. From there, the view on the coast is simply breathtaking. Southwards, you see as far as Cape Sagres (over a 100 kilometer), while northwards you see the coast of Setubal (also a 100 kilometer) !

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