Pontal de Carrapateira

Close to Bordeira, lies an even smaller village called Carrapateira. The Fisherman's Trail and the Historical Way join at the small square in het village center, where you also find a bar and a restaurant (always good to know !).

To follow the Fisherman's Trail, leave the square in the direction of the windmill. Continue left of the mill and where the road turns left, go straight into the dunes. Cross another road and folllow the wooden path until you reach the Bordeira river. From there you follow the narrow path along the river until you reach the coastline.

Windmill Carrapateira
Carrapateira Fishermen Trail
Carrapateira Beach


From there you have a view on the beach of Bordeira (one of the biggest in the area). In summer this must be a paradise for surfers and beachlovers. We were there on a windy day, which turned out to be an advantage as a further down the path, the waves were splashing with great force on the rocks. From the dust road, you can reach viewpoints on wooden piers to watch the spectacle from a safe distance. You can go closer, but you risk getting wet as the waves can behave pretty treacherous.

Kust bij Carrapateira

You can do (part of) this circuit by car.

Kaart Carrapateira - visserspad