Platier d'Oye

The nature reserve 'Platier d'Oye' is located near the village of Oye-Plage. On the north side it is bordered by the 'Chenal' that connects Gravelines with the sea. In the area there are several 'lakes', that are attracting numerous bird species, as well as swallowing and salt marshes.
The beach is very popular with shell lovers. The currents in the North Sea appear to ensure that a rich variety of shells can be found here.

Platier d'Oie Platier d'Oie
Platier d'Oie Platier d'Oie

A first walk starts at the parking lot at the 'Maison dans la dune'. Nearby is a birdwatching hut that looks out on the lakes. The walk along the Taaf dike (Digue Taaf) is about three kilometers long.

Platier d'Oie

You can go to the parking at the hamlet Les Escardines for two walks. A short one, along the Duck Pond, is barely a kilometer long.
We choose a slightly longer version by taking the stairs over the dunes and going to the beach. From there you head north following the coast, until you come to the 'chenal'. One hundred meters before you reach the channel you see a wooden signpost in the dunes. There is no clear path, but walk over the dune. On the other side, you are in nature reserve with the various lakes. There is a 'path' marked by wooden signposts. Continue walking into the direction of Grand Fort-Philippe until you reach at the border of the nature reserve. Turn right and follow the GR 120 du Littoral, which brings you back in the vicinity of the starting point. Follow the path around the Duck Pond to get back to the parking.
Distance: approx. 5 kilometers.

Duck pond