Walking the Opal Coast

The Opal Coast lies on the North Sea coast in the north of France in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. It extends from Bray-Dunes, at the Belgian border, to Boulogne, the border with Picardy.

Map Opal Coast GR120 Platier d'Oye Dunes de la Slack Bray_Dunes Bergues Gravelines Dunkirk Calais Cap Blanc Nez Wissant Cap Gris Nez Audresselles Ambleteuse Wimereux Boulogne

A visit to the Opal Coast often limits itself to a stop at Cap Blanc-Nez and Cap Gris-Nez, where the view of the English coast is the biggest attraction. In the best case, there is another stop in Wissant, the village between the two capes.

On our site we make an effort to show that the region has much more to offer than just the two capes:

The long distance path GR120 is not really maintained anymore, but the red and white indications can still be found in most places. The route automatically leads you through the most beautiful nature reserves. There are numerous other hiking routes.

As a quick introduction we present 8 photos, which show some of the places you shouldn't miss.

Opal Coast Bray-Dunes

Opaalkust Dunes_Marchand
Dunes Marchand

 Opaalkust Gravelines

Opaalkust Bergues

Opaalkust Cap Gris-Nez
Cap Gris-Nez



Dunes de Slack
Dunes de Slack

The Opal Coast is worth more than a quick visit of the capes. And it's just across the Channel, easy to reach !

Hopefully our site can encourage you to visit the area !

Els & Frank