Kloostergang Chartreuse de NeuvilleThe Carthusian Abbey of Neuville (Nôtre-Dame des Prés) is an impressive abbey, of which we have already seen similar examples in Pavia (near Milan) and Padula (Cilento). It is located two kilometers east of Montreuil and is just visible from the city walls.

The abbey can be visited (only with a French speaking guide). We therefore provide some general information about the Carthusians in general and about the abbey in particular.

The Carthusian Order was founded by Bruno van Keulen. He studied in Reims, became bishop in Grenoble and archbishop in Reims. When he was replaced by the pope's candidate, he retired to the convent of Robert of Molesmes, the founder of the Cistercians. In 1084 Hugo van Grenoble donated an inhospitable piece of land near Grenoble, where he withdrew with a number of companions and laid the foundations of the Carthusian monastic order, named after the Massif of the Chartreuse. He spent only 6 years in the abbey and was then called to Rome by Pope Urban II, to whom he had been teaching in Reims. The basic rules of the monastic order were drawn up by Guigues, the 5th prior of the Grande Chartreuse.

Some facts about the kartuizers

The abbey in Neuville-sous-Montreuil was founded in 1328 by the count Robert of Boulogne. It was destroyed several times over the centuries. After the devastation during the French Revolution, it was only rebuilt in 1870. In 1901, with the introduction of the split between Church and State, the monks were expelled and they moved to the abbey of Parkville in England. They could take most of the artefacts with them.

Then it was taken into use as a hospital and sanatorium. In the first world war it became a military hospital where also large numbers of refugees from Belgium were admitted. After the Second World War, the abbey became a shelter for psychiatric patients.
  In 2000, the abbey was sold to the Sisters of Bethlehem. However, they soon realized that the restoration would cost too much. Through the discovery of the 'house mushroom' (Mérule) they could also dispute their purchase.

In 2008, the abbey was acquired by a group of private investors, who are gradually restoring the abbey.

Kloostertuin Chartreuse de Neuville Chartreuse

During a visit, pay attention to the following aspects:

Visit for groups can be requested throughout the year. Individual visitors can only visit from April 11 to November 1. There are guided tours at 11.00, 14.30, 15.30 and 16.30 hours. The entrance fee is 10 EUR.