Le Cap d’Alprech

Le Cap d’Alprech

This cape lies just south of Boulogne in the municipality of Le Portet. GPS users should enter the Rue du Cap.


From the cape you have a beautiful view of (the port of) Boulogne. We suspect that at least, because when we were there, the weather was so bad that we completely missed the spectacle.


There is a lighthouse and a fort.


The fort dates from the end of the 19th century. After the Franco-German war in 1871, during which the French were defeated. As a result, France lost a large number of forts in the Alsace rgion, which (should have) served as protection against an invasion from Germany. Already in 1872 the government of the third republic decided to build a new defense belt. No less than 166 forts and 250 batteries were built, which became known under the name of their architect (Séré de Rivière). The whole can be considered as an early forerunner of the Maginot line.
    The fortress in Alprech was built in 1875, with materials from the quarries of Marquise. During the First World War it was used as a basis for the anti-submarines. During the Second World War it was occupied by the German troops. It was no longer used after the war.


From the fort you can follow the Chemin des Douaniers (the GR120), a walk south over the cliffs. The coast is quite wild. In the interior there are still quite large residential areas.


The Dunes of Mont Saint-Frieux

This nature reserve lies between Hardelot and Etaples, near the village of Dannes.

You can choose between

The Canche Bay

The mouth of the Canche is, just like the more southerly mouths of the Authie and the Somme, a rich nature reserve. To the north lies the Réserve Naturelle de la Baie de Canche and the town of Etaples. To the south is Le Touquet-Paris-Plage.

Le Touquet

We can be brief about Le Touquet. Unless you like Knokke / Scheveningen, you stay better off. It is too much like the Belgian coast. We are looking for nature reserves. Just south of Le Touquet you will find some dune areas (Merlimont and Stella-Plage), but there are more and better to find in other places.



Is a small town on the north side of the Canche.
    There are a few small museums about shipping

You can make a short sea trip from the harbor (45 minutes) through the bay of the Canche. Departure at the Pavillon de la Mer near the Calvaire des Marins. The price for adults is 6.5 EUR, children pay 4.5 EUR). There are two to three trips a day between April and September. The timetable can be consulted at www.etaples-tourisme.com . From Etaples you can also go for a day fishing at sea (price : 49 EUR). Le Réserve naturelle de la Baie de Canche In the reserve you can make a number of walks. The walk with the best view over the bay is the Boucle du Tadorne , a short walk of 2.2 km. This walk departs in the vicinity of the cemetery for the fallen of the First World War (located on the D940). A part of this path is also on the road of the GR120.