Audresselles is by far our favorite along the Opal Coast. The village still looks like a coastal village of 100 years ago (and we really do not mean this negative). There is still no trace of large real estate projects. On the contrary, a lot of houses are abandoned and dilapidated and shout, so to speak, for a makeover. Perhaps the lack of interest has to do with the lack of a 'virgin' sandy beach, although there is a nice rocky beach between Audresselles and Ambleteuse.

Marie Galante Apparently we are not alone with our opinion. In the village you can find some restaurants, which even turn out to be full even at the beginning of March. If you want to be sure of a place, you better reserve a table. We can definitely recommend you "La Marie Galante", where seafood dishes are served at their best !

Audresselles_Marie_Galante Audresselles

Audresselle Audressele

Audresselles is well situated for a walk, either via the path on top of the cliffs to Cap Gris Nez (and beyond Wissant and Cap Blanc Nez) or southwards along the beach to Ambleteuse and further via les Dunes de la Slack to Wimereux. You can either return via public transport or hitch-hike.