Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

Pierce Stocking (1908-1976) worked as a carpenter in the vicinity of the Sleeping Bear Dunes. He spent there most of his spare time in building a trail that would allow visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the area, without harming nature. In 1967, the path opened to the public. In 1977, one year after his death, the "Scenic Drive" was integrated in the "Sleeping Bear National Lake Shore Park.

The Scenic is built for cars, with 12 stops allowing to park the car. You pay $ 10 per car (which you also give access to the Dune Climb). If you are courageous, you can do it by bike, but there are some short, but steep climbs.

map scenic drive

Stop 1 and 2 : covered bridge (covered to protect the wooden construction of the bridge from the rain - the roof is easier to replace than the wood of the bridge itself) and view on Glen Lake.

Michigan scenic drive scenic drive

Stop 3 and 4 : Cottonwood Trail (The number of parking places at stop 4 is limited. You better leave the car at stop 3, at least if you intend to walk the trail)

cottonwood trail cottonwood

Stop 10 : Steep Bluff - dune with its heighest point 120 meter above Lake Michigan. In principle you are not allowed to go down, but this is not really an obstacle to do so. The perspective of having to climb back up, is the real obstacle !

steep bluff steep bluff sand dunes 

Stop 11 : View on North Bar Lake, with a channel connecting it to Lake Michigan
Bar lake