Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is one of the Great Lakes on the border between the USA and Canada.  From our geography lessons at school, we still remember the acronym HOMES (Huron, Ontaria, Michigan, Erie, Superior), containing the first letters of each of the lakes.

The lakes are not really in the program of tourists visiting America. There is one exception though : the Niagara Falls, between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. 

For Europeans visiting Michigan, there is a high chance of having family ties, which is the case for us. In the beginning of the 20th century, many Europeans escaped bad economic conditions and poverty in Europe. Some of them returned to Europe but many others built their homes and stayed forever.

We combined our family visit with a tour to the northwest of Michigan, in the area between Traverse City and Manistee. A beach holiday, slightly against our 'coastal-walking' principles, but a dream location in Arcadia and the overwhelming beauty of nature in the 'Sleeping Bear Dunes' made it more than worthwile.  Reasons enough to write a new chapter to our websites. And for our first English location, we acquired a new domain name where our previous destinations will soon be added.

With many thanks to our 'distant' family, which is coming somewhat closer with this site.


Els & Frank


A small piece of history : the Gazette van Detroit, published since 1914 and testimonal to the many Belgians that immigrated to Detroit.