Hodenpyl Dam - Manistee River

We found this walk at the fifth position in the top 100 of the'Most Popular Michigan Hiking Trails'. The walk starts in the neighbourhood of the Hodenpyl Dam Pond (which you only see through a closed gate) and follows Manistee River, downstream of the dam.

To reach the starting point, follow the M37 southwards from Mesick. after 4.5 miles turn right onto W22 1/2 Road (an unpaved but well maintained gravel road). At the end you follow N3 1/4 Road and then McClish Road, until you come to a campsite (Seaton Creek). From there follow the signs of the Manistee River Trail. This path will lead the Red Bridge (10.6 miles), you can come back via the other side of the river. We limited our walk till the 'waterfall' on the map below, however without seeing the waterfall.

hodenpyl dam

hodenpyle dam

The walk starts flat following a creek that flows in the Hodenpyl Pond. From the "hanging bridge", the trails continues along the Manistee river, going slightly up and down and with many beautiful views.
hodenpyll pond

hodenpyl Hodenpyl

Hodenpyl trail Hodenpyl lake

hodenpyle river