Glen Arbor

Glen Arbor is a village in northwestern Michigan, near Glen Lake and Sleeping Bear Dunes. It is a typical village with a wide main street, several restaurants and shops for tourists. It is a popular holiday for many localls with many holiday resorts along the coast and the lakes.

Glen Arbor Main Street Glen Arbor truck Glen  arbor pub

We stayed two nights in the Sylvan Inn, a listed historic building from 1885, run by a Swiss-German couple. The inn still has its original charm. In good weather, breakfast is served on the covered terrace around the building

Sylvan Inn Glenn arbor sylvan inn

Just east of Glen Arbor Glen Haven is an old historic town where some typical buildings were restored. In the store you can see the products for sale at the turn of the 19th century. A little further on, there is a small naval museum.

Glen Haven

glenn haven Glenn Haven barn