Paul da Sera

This walk starts at the same parking lot as the walk to the 25 Fontes, but runs along the other side of the road. You get there from Porto Moniz (on the road numbered 110) or from Funchal via Encumeada, the mountain pass that is centrally located on the island (road number 104, then 110).

You start from the parking lot and take the walk starts along the south side of the road, (dat staat ook al in de vorige zin!) which follows the Levada do Paul. You only need to follow the Levada and occasionally you will have to make a detour because of cows on the path. At times the road goes between the wild broom, showing thousands of bees - depending on the season. Fortunately, the bees are more interested in the honey than in the walkers.

From the path you have a magnificent view of the south side of the island and, in the distance, about one thousand meters deep, of the blue ocean. You decide how far you want to go; to get back to the starting point, just retrace your steps. Perhaps the only downside of this otherwise beautiful walk, which is also completely flat and passable, so within reach. (is het een minpunt om op zijn stappen te moeten terggaan?)

On the way to the plateau we took some nice pictures. Left the straight road that runs across the plateau, right the clouds bumping against the plateau to the north side and thus arise as a wall at the border of it.