Levada walk 25 Fontes

This walk starts in Rabaçal, located on the plateau Paul da Sera. You get there from Porto Moniz (on the road numbered 110) or from Funchal via Encumeada, the mountain pass that is centrally located on the island (road number 104, then 110).

The parking lot is located along the main road and can be pretty crowded. Outside the parking, no drinks or dining. So, if you are planning a slightly longer walk, take along some food and drinks.

The walk starts at the parking lot. Take the road that runs to the foresters cottage of Rabaçal. The road is closed to traffic, but there is a bus to and fro, that saves you a descent and a climb of about 200 meters, of course, in exchange for a few euros.

Just past the foresters cottage the road bifurcates. Right goes to the Risco waterfall, a mile away. The waterfall has a height of about 100 meters, but don't expect masses of water that plunge down. It appears to be a rather modest trickle. The road which runs close to the waterfall is closed for security reasons.

Retrace your steps, then choose the left fork, which leads to the 25 Fontes. The road to the 25 fontes runs largely along the Levada and is therefore almost completely flat. The path along the Levada is at times narrow, even very narrow, and the slope on your left side at times impressive, but the Levada and a cable stretched as a protection, make that it never becomes dangerous.

At the end of the walk you will find the 25 Fontes. Feel free to count them: you'll never come out at 25, but there are many. How impressive it is depends on the season and the rainfall in the previous days.

We recommend to make this tour very early or very late. On one hand you avoid too much oncoming traffic on the narrow paths, and also can you peacefully enjoy this piece of scenery.