Hiking Timanfaya

The volcanic area of Timanfaya is split into two parts. The actual Parque Nacional de Timanfaya (the dark green area on the map below - but then up to the yellow LZ-67 on the right) can only be visited with an organized one bus ride or exceptionally via the Termesana walk . The coastal path , which runs from El Golfo to Playa de la Madera, is accessible to the public, provided you remain on the path.

Don't worry. In the Parque Natural de los Volcanes (the light green part on the map below + the area between the LZ-67 and the LZ-30) you can walk around freely. The area is obviously protected, so only to enter with the necessary respect for nature.


Map Nationaal Park

Walking in the Parque National de los Vulcanos

In the area of La Geria you can make a short walk that leads you into one of the older craters. The departure point is on the LZ-56, the 'Ruta Nacional de las Volcanos' between La Geria and Mancha Blanca. On the sign 'Municipio the Tias' (after 1 kilometer if you come from La Geria), leave the car behind and follow the path to the nearest volcano (on the left side of the road, coming from La Geria). When you arrive at the volcano, you walk to the right and after 200 meters you can walk into the crater of the volcano El Cuelvo. You can also walk further around the volcano. This walk is only 1.5 kilometers long and as good as completely flat.

El Cuelvo

You can make a second walk in the neighborhood of Mancha Blanca. You can best park the car in the village and walk on the LZ-67 in the direction of Timanfaya. After a hundred meters, where the road makes a slight bend to the left, there are two side roads. The biggest one returns to the village. The second, a dirt road, goes straight to the Caldera de Montana Blanca, one of the older craters.

Visitor Center

On the LZ-67 you will find the visitor center Mancha Blanca, 2 kilometers from Mancha Blanca. There is a museum in which you can find a lot of interesting facts about the area. This is, if you have managed to book, also the starting point of the Termesana walk.

La Geria

Along the LZ-30, between the Momumento al Campesino and Uga, you enter the wine region La Geria. The vineyards are located in the black lava fields along the road. Every vine is in a "hole", with a stone wall around it. The pit is made to plant the vine in the fertile soil under the lava. It also has the advantage to absorb the few rain that falls here.
Along the road are also numerous bodegas where you can taste the wines. A fee is requested for tasting. Buying is not really an option for most tourists, given the limitations on the weight of the suitcases for those who come by plane.

Salmon in Uga

If you have the opportunity to order the smoked salmon from Uga in one of the local restaurants, you should definitely do this. In the Ahumadería de Uga, located on the LZ-2 near Uga, you can buy a portion at the local producer. Great for a picnic.