Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is the 'tourist capital' of the island. (Arrecife is the administrative capital). If you come for the sun and the beach, this is probably your most likely destination, next to Playa Blanca. There are beautiful sandy beaches (Playa Grande and Playa Quemada), at least we suspect, because during our stay (*) the water is so high that the sandy beach covers only a very narrow strip. For the rest we find nothing in Puerto del Carmen that could charm us. It is just too 'English', up to the Fish and Chips.

Puerto del Carmen

Hiking from Puerto del Carmen ...

If you are staying in Puerto del Carmen and you want to escape, we recommend a walk along the coast to Puerto Calero and Playa Quemada.

The walk leaves on the promenade of Puerto del Carmen. The route description is simple: you follow the coastline as close as possible. At the departure of the walk you have to make a tour around one of the larger hotels with a private beach. After the last houses you come on an unpaved path that goes up and down to cross one of the small coves. A little further you get a nice view of the coastline south of Puerto del Carmen. In the distance you can already see the white houses of Puerto Calero.

... along Puerto Calero

The road continues on top of the cliffs along the coast. After three kilometers you will end up in Puerto Calero. The village can be considered as the luxury edition of Puerto del Carmen. There is a fairly large harbor, an ideal base for sailors, a beautiful promenade where the restaurants look a lot more attractive, two luxury hotels and a number of residential areas.

Puerto Calero

The village is the result of a project development by José Calero. It was not until 1983 that the first construction works were started in the port. Currently there is room for more than 400 boats.

... to Playa Quemada

Just after you have passed the last hotel, you come again on an unpaved coastal path, which leads you further to Playa Quemada. This village is still in its original state. You will only find a few restaurants on the waterline and some remnants of the 'original' inhabitants.

For those who still have energy left, from Playa Quemada you can continue walking to the village of Femes. Follow the coastline (about 1 kilometer) and then turn into the valley of the Baranco de la Higuera (a small river that is mostly dry). The path goes up over three kilometers to a height of more than 400 meters. For the return to Puerto del Carmen you can use public transport.

Gastronomy Tip

Those who love an original kitchen do not really feel at home in Lanzarote. Dining options abound: Italian, Chinese, Mexican, English, ... and occasionally even some Spanish-oriented restaurants.

In case you prefer something 'better' or if you have something to celebrate, then we recommend the restaurant Amura in Puerto Calero. The restaurant is mentioned in the Michelin guide. The four-course menu (for 35 EUR) is not advertised outside, but is really good. For us, definitely worth a star.

Restaurante Amura