El Golfo

El Golfo is located on the west coast of Lanzarote, just below the volcanic area of Timanfaya. It is known as a tourist attraction mainly by a small green lake, the Lago Verde, which is located near the coast in an old volcano crater. The walls of the crater on the sea side have already disappeared, leaving only half of the crater. In the middle of the crater, a solid basalt block rises from the water.

El_Golfo   El_Golfo

When entering the coastal town, there is a parking lot. If you leave the car there, it is only a 100 meter walk to the point that overlooks the Lago Verde. The green color of the lake contrasts nicely with the red rock formations at the viewpoint. You can clearly see half the crater from here. You can not walk down here anymore. For safety reasons, and due to erosion, the path downwards is closed.

To reach the lake itself you have to make a detour (drive towards Playa Blanca) and leave the car at the first parking on the right. From there it is only a 500 meter walk to reach the inside of the crater and the Lago Verde. The paved road to it is already closed because the erosion has caused a part of the road to come down.

Coastal walk through the lava fields

If you walk to the end of the village of El Golfo, you come across another parking. From there a coastal path starts through the lava fields. The lava has flowed into the sea here. The path is only lined with lava blocks along both sides of the path. Sometimes it's hard to find, but if you take a wrong turn, you'll notice that quickly. It is particularly difficult to walk in this type of volcanic area (the badlands), 50 meters from the coast, a dozen meters above sea level. The splashing water creates a mist, and occasionally you'll get wet. After one and a half kilometers you get a view over a beach. The road continues. We suspect that you can continue to the beach and from there you can continue the coastal walk up to the Playa de la Madera. The total distance of this walk is more than 10 kilometers. And then you still have to return.

El_Golfo   El_Golfo

El_Golfo   El_Golfo

Los Hervideros

If you drive from the parking lot in El Golfo to the south, you will pass on the right side an exit towards the coast, with a parking lot only a 100 metres further. Los Hervideros is another 'mandatory' stop. The sea has made several caves in the porous lava coast. We were there when the weather was quite rough and could also see the waves crashing against the pitch-black rocky coast.

Salinas de Janubio

A few kilometers you come in the lagoon of El Charco. Here, in the Salinas de Janubio, salt is still produced. The seawater is collected in basins. As the water evaporates, the salt remains.