Mirador del Rio

Mirador del Rio - Manrique The Mirador del Rio is one of the seven "wonders" of Cesar Manrique. In the north of the island, on top of the Risco de Famara (479 meters) and opposite the island La Graciosa, he built a house in the rock. When approaching the Mirador, you don't notice anything really special, except for the image “bird and fish”, which symbolizes the ecological values of the island. Needless to say that this of course has been created by Manrique himself.

The entrance (and also the rest of the building) is drawn with rounded shapes. The house is actually designed as a restaurant, but is currently fitted up as a bar (drinks and sandwiches available). The space is dominated by two large sculptures on the ceiling, also creations of Manrique. On the right is a stylish salon. The highlight however, is in front of you: a beautiful view of the island La Graciosa.

You can also enjoy the view from the terrace, where you have an insight into the rest of the island: the Risco Famara on the horizon and the volcanoes of the Timanfaya.

TIP: Bus-loads of tourists are regularly dumped at the Mirador. If you prefer to enjoy peacefully, withdraw on the top floor (above the souvenir shop on the first floor). If you are as lucky as we were, the stone bench overlooking La Graciosa could be free. Seat yourself and enjoy a sandwich (available at the bar downstairs).

La Graciosa - panorama vanaf Mirador del Rio  

Mirador del Rio - inside   Mirador del Rio

Hiking from the Mirador

From the Mirador you'll see the Salinas del Rio, about 500 meters below on the coast. Previously, salt was mined here (as in the south of the island in the Salinas del Janubio). However, the production was stopped because it was too difficult for the salt to be transported to the top. Once, they started the construction of a road leading from the cliff top to the bottom but the construction was stopped after several landslides.

Some hiking guides still mention paths along which you can walk down. Other descriptions, however, advise against doing so. During our walk from Famara, direction Salinas del Rio, we experienced rather quickly that the road was blocked by numerous landslides. We decided not to take risks and to go back to Famara.

In the same area, you can also walk up the Monte Corona.

Orzola - La Graziosa

In Orzola you can take a boat to La Graziosa.

1 km east of Orzola (on the LZ-1) you will find one of the nicest beaches of Lanzarote.

A few miles south of Orzola (on the LZ-204) you can visit Lanzaloë, a large plantation of Aloë Vera. This plantation covers an area of 200 ha. In the shop you can buy all kind of cosmetics, based on aloë vera, direct from the producer.