Lanzarote is part of the Canarian Archipelago. It is the most north-eastern island, situated barely 107 km from the African coast, just north of Fuerteventura.

For a real hiking trip, Lanzarote may not be the most spectacular destination. But the island has other attractions which, together with the hiking, will be able to charm you : Cesar Manrique, Timanfaya and of course ... the weather !

Cesar Manrique


The cultural attraction of the island is César Manrique. Barely 50 years ago Lanzarote was virtually unknown as tourist destination. When tourism began to grow Cesar Manrique made sure this was done in an orderly way, with respect for the landscape and surroundings. To mention one example : the houses are all painted white.

He managed to build attractions that made the island's natural resources accessible to mass tourism in a responsible way. Some of these top attractions count 1 million visitors per year. But during our stay in February, we were able to enjoy it in peaceful relaxation.

Vulcanic area Timanfaya

Most Canary Islands have a volcanic origin, which for some of them goes back to several million years.

Lanzarote too is of volcanic origin. In the 18th century several eruptions have dramatically changed the landscape. It was on September 1, 1730 that just north of Yaiza a volcano rose from the earth. This first eruption lasted 19 days. In subsequent years there emerged many new volcanoes. Only in 1736, peace returned.

In 1824, several explosions followed, and three new craters were created: the Tao, the Tinguation and El Chinero (The new volcano).

The area of Timanfaya has a circumference of 30 km and covers an 51 km².

The Timanfaya volcanic region has been declared a National Park in 1974. Only part of the park is accessible to the public by bus on a specially constructed trail through the park. More info ...

Lanzarote - Timanfaya

If you want more, you can walk the Ruta de Termesana, but only accompanied by a guide and after prior reservation. More info ....

Outside the official boundaries of the National Park there are a number of additional options to explore the volcano more closely. More info ...

The weather on Lanzarote

Lanzarote has a mild climate during the whole year : not too hot in summer, even warm in the winter.

The next graphs show the average min and max temperatures, as well as the average amount of rain.

Temperature on Lanzarote
rainfall on Lanzarote


Hiking on Lanzarote

Outside the Timanfaya National Park you can also make nice walks elsewhere in Lanzarote. Even if the trails are not along the coast, you have a few hikes where you have magnificent views of the coast and the sea. More info