Teror is described in some guides as 'most beautiful village' of Gran Canaria and we agree with this statement. In the center of the village you will find many beautiful sights and also in the immediate vicinity are some places that are worth a visit.

You can park the car in a spacious underground car park at the Plaza de Sintes.

Teror is dedicated to the Virgo de Pino, who is also the patron saint of the island. It is the most important pilgrimage site of Gran Canaria. The church received the title of basilica minor from the pope (we missed the accompanying yellow-red parasol and the bell). The interior of the basilica is richly decorated. The image of the Virgen, behind the altar, attracts all attention.

Kerk Teror
Basilica minor

Virgo de Pino
Virgo de Pino

Colourful houses
Colourful houses

At the back of the church there is a museum on the right, where you come close to the statue of the Virgen on the first floor. Some beautiful liturgical vestments can be seen in the adjoining rooms. The Virgen is also a source of motivation for many sportsmen. She is apparently also the patron saint of the football team of Las Palmas, who plays in the Spanish Primera Division. When you visit Gran Canaria, check out the football calendar. Maybe you are lucky enough to attend a home match against Real Madrid or Barcelona.

There are several large pine trees around the basilica. However, the largest tree in the square in front of the church is not a pine tree.

Further attractions in the center:

In the neighborhood you can also go to the following places: