Just West of Artenara you come via the GC-210 rightly in a wooded area. The natural park of Tamadaba covers a large part of the North West of the island and includes parts of the villages of Agaete, San Nicolas and Artenara. It has an area of nearly 7500 hectares and includes 18 kilometres of the coastline. The highest point (Pico de Bandera) is located at 1444 meters.

Tamadaba Tamadaba_2

By car you can make a tour via the GC-216 (one-way road). There is a recreation zone and a camp-site, which to our surprise were both deserted. Probably does this have to do with the 'low season' and the extreme drought and associated fire-risk. From the camping village you have a beautiful view on Tenerife, with the Teide as eye-catcher. Quite surprisingly, if you know that Tenerife is over 120 kilometres away ...


The photos below show two natural phenomena. The bark of the Canary pines is extremely thick. This used to be earlier a protection in a volcanic environment, nowadays it is rather a protection against the volcanic fires. At the bottom of some pines hang real ' beards '. These are mosses that get their nutrients from the passing clouds (we saw this earlier on La Gomera).

Tamadaba - bark Mosses

Walking in Tamadaba

Walk Artenara - Agaete

There is a trail walk from Agaete to Artenara, which runs right through the Tamadaba. This trail runs partially parallel with the GC-216 when approaching Tamadaba. You can either cover the whole distance or only part of it. The senderos are pink dotted lines on the card.

Map Tamadaba

On the map below you can find a few hiking trails (Camino Real) that lead to the west coast of Tamadaba (El Risco-La Aldea).

Map_2 Tamadaba