Santa Brigida

Santa Brigida is more or less a little brother (or sister) of Teror.

The distance between the two is only 5 kilometers in bird's eye view, but by car you do it via the coast for 26 km (34 minutes), via the inland we cross it via San Mateo 27 km (over an hour).

The village center is smaller than Teror and the church can not rival with the Basilica of Teror.

During the weekend there is a small market (mercadillo), just outside the village center, where mainly local products are sold : cheese, wine, vegetables, fruit, flowers. It is worthwhile to stop by. Nearby is the Casa de los Vinos. Apparently you can go there for a wine tasting, but it seems to us to be more like a restaurant. We prefer to buy some bottles of local wine for our group at the market.

Zicht op San Nicolas

In the neighborhood of Santa Brigida you will find some other attractions.


This is the village of the potters, where you can also find a number of cave dwellings.

Caldera de Bandama

A little further is the Pico de Bandama, with the Caldera de Bandama, an old volcano crater, right next to it. The crater was named after Daniel Van Damme, a Flemish merchant who lived in Gran Canaria in the 16th century (remember that in Spanish the 'V' is pronounced as 'B'). The Pico lies at a height of almost 600. The peak can be reached along the GC-802 and further via a narrow spiral path GC-822. This point is on the route of the many coaches that catty tourists around the island. It can be quite busy at the top, also because the number of parking places is very limited. You have a nice view of the north and the east of the island. In the north Las Palmas is shining in the sun, with behind it the Montaña de la Isleta.


If you want something quieter, you can take a walk to the bottom of the Caldera de Bandama. The crater with a diameter of 1000 meters is the largest on the island. The bottom of the crater is about 200 meters deeper. The walk starts on the GC-802 just past the exit of the GC-822. There is a restaurant with a few parking spaces where you can leave the car. The first part of the walk runs over cobblestones (laid out), a little further you end up on a path with gravel (lava stones). The road winds down, you pass an observation post, which gives you an impressive view of the crater. At the bottom of the crater you can see the remains of a small farm, there are also a few goats walking around. Inside the crater there is a strange silence, only disturbed by the sound of some birds and lizards, some of which are somewhat larger than most of the specimens we have seen here.

One of our hiking guides reports that you need an admission to descend into the crater. We have certainly not seen any prohibition signs, so don't bother.

You can also take a walk around the crater along the top.

Zicht op Las PalmasZicht op Las Palmas

Caldera de BandamaCaldera De Bandama

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