Roque Nublo

For this hike to the Roque Nublo we start from the Cruz de Tejeda. Opposite the cross runs a path, the PR GC_40, in the direction of Llanos de la Pez. The path mounts slightly and offers some beautiful views: right on the Roque Nublo and the Caldera de Tejeda, left on the north side of the island. After about one kilometre the path arrives at a tarmac road, that you follow several hundred metres unto the Degollada Becerra, from where you have a beautiful view on the village of La Culata. There is an information centre (unfortunately closed when we passed by). At the small parking you follow the signpost G-40. The road is for a while rather steep, but continues quite flat.


The path runs along the slope, sometimes in the shade of pine trees. After some time you cross a road, which leads to the right to a small camp-site. Follow the GC_40. If on the left you pass by a holiday park (with basketball square) you come a bit further on the GC-40, which you follow right in the direction of La Goleta (the road left goes further to Llanos de la Pez). A bit further the road bends left and runs downwards. Now you get a view of the Embalse de los Hornos, a small reservoir above La Culata. Don't have any illusions, it is forbidden to make a fresh dip in the water. But if you come on the other side of the dam, there might be a coster with some local specialities (and drinks to replenish your stock).

Embalse de los Hornos

From here you walk further along the tarmac road in the direction of Roque Nublo. After a few hundred metres you come to the parking La Goleta, where departs a smaller hike for Roque Nublo. (right-click and choose ' view ' below for a larger card image version). The red path leads to the plateau of the Roque Nublo. Hence you have a wonderful view over the South and West of the island. In the West you can see the Baranco de la Aldea, with the reservoir Embalse de Parralillo, and farther the town of San Nicolas. In the South you will notice the dunes of Maspalomas.

Walk Roque Nublo
Roque Nublo

Via the pink and the green path (see card above) you start the descent to La Culata. This village is situated 250 metres deeper into the Valley. The downhill runs along a clear path. On some places you cross the dried bed of a stream. When entering La Culata, take the right at the first split. This road leads to the village. Hurray! There is even a bar and a bit further another. They clearly don't have tourist prices here. For five large glasses of sparkling water we paid only 1 Euro.

La Culata

Just past the first bar (on the left), between houses, there is a path (stairs) upwards. Follow this path until, after about 10 minutes, you come back on a tarmac road. Turn here right. After 200 metres take left a concrete road that runs steeply and brings you to a narrower path back up the mountain in the direction of Degollada Becerra, and further to Cruz de Tejeda.