Gran Canaria

For our third visit to the Canary Islands, we chose for Gran Canaria. Our previous visits to La Gomera and Lanzarote we did outside the high season, in November and February, respectively. Because it is our intention to walk, we have we don't really need the high temperatures. However, we also wanted to know how it is there in the summer, and hence we chose this time for a stay in July.

And we may immediately conclude that, if you go to the Islands to walk, yet can better avoid the high season. The temperatures there, especially in the Interior, can rise well above thirty degrees and exceptionally even over forty degrees. And since there is little vegetation, you have also little shade. In the summer, the sun is practically the whole day to the zenith and on the road there is hardly a pub or coffee-house to find.

In our first hotel on the Cruz de Tejeda, we were practically the only guests. And in the absence of visitors the pool was even closed. This is called here the low season. The extreme heat chases everyone to the coast. When we ask for a ticket to go hiking, we just get inquiring looks.

On this site you will find less information about the walks than usual. But, to compensate for this we have added a short chapter on some beaches.

North or South ?

We opted for a mixed stay: a few days in the Interior (on the Cruz de Tejeda) and a few days on the South side (in Puerto Rico). Although there are barely 50 kilometres between the North and the South coast , the climate there is quite different. During our stay we have seen the north side of the island constantly under the clouds. During our only trip to Las Palmas in the North it was cloudy, and we even had some raindrops.

For those who are in search of the beach or the sun, there is no doubt: the South of the island has the most beautiful infrastructure. The last years the development has however come somewhat to a standstill. There are still some projects under construction, but the crisis has clearly had its effect. We went to Puerto Rico, a little west of Maspalomas which, with his Playa del Ingles, seemed us a bit too touristy. Our presumption was confirmed: the promenade along the Playa del Ingles looks old-fashioned. The newer projects (such as the Playa Amadores and the Playa Verga) seem to be a lot more attractive.

One particular harbour town could charm us particularly: Puerto de Mogan. Here you won't find major hotels in the town or at the harbour. There is a pleasant atmosphere, which gives it some kind of authenticity.

Walking on Gran Canaria

Although walking in such a heat was not quite evident we yet could make some nice walks. Furthermore we add a number of descriptions of nice car tours so that those who are not fond of walking may find something to their liking. Moreover, while making our site, we discovered a number of useful sites for the walker. We will bear them in mind for a next visit. The visitors of our site may already benefit from it.

Much hiking pleasure.

Els & Frank