Along the GC-300 we drive from Arucas to Firgas. Trafic is much quieter. The village lies at an altitude of 470 meters. On the way there, we pass numerous banana plantations.

The main attraction of the village is the waterfall on the Paseo de Canarias, which, like the church in Arucas, is built with stone from a local quarry. On the right side of the waterfall colorful banks are tiled with ceramic tiles. Above the banks are the coats of arms of the 22 municipalities of Gran Canaria.

Higher on the Paseo, you get a nice overview of all the Canary Islands through a scale model, a coat of arms and a colorful image.

Paseo de Canarias
Paseo de Canarias

Coats of arms

Iglesia San Roque
Iglesia San Roque

The church of San Roque is on the square halfway the Paseo. The interior is pretty sober. Only the two side altars are richly decorated. A little further is the town hall of Firgas. The doors are wide open. Walk in for a moment, a colorful glass window attracts attention anyway. From the square you have a beautiful view of the north coast of Gran Canaria. In the neighborhood is also a fountain that was erected for the 500 anniversary of Firgas, but we missed it ourselves.

On the other side of the Paseo is the Casa de la Cultura. Here, too, the doors are open. The courtyard is covered and now serves as a small theater hall.

The unique thing about Firgas is probably the presence of running water: the Acequia de la Heredad de Aguas de Firgas y Arucas. This unique water system was created in the 16th century to provide the population with running water and especially for the cultivation of sugar cane. The water now flows into an artificial channel on the square in front of the church, in a waterfall and is also deviated to the gofio mill, a small yellow building on the GC-30 that dates from the 16th century. Two rooms of the mill are arranged as a museum.

In the neighborhood of Firgas you still have a number of nature reserves, which we have to skip due to lack of time:

Firgas also strives for hikers. In the gofiomolen we find a booklet with 6 walks in the neighborhood, which you can also find on the website of Firgas.

In the neighboring town of Moya, the following sights are already on our list for a next visit: