Cruz de Tejeda

The Cruz de Tejeda is located at an altitude of 1490 meters inland, a few kilometres past the town of Tejeda. We are there in July, during the 'off-season' (at least for the interior, because of too hot). Therefore there is not much to see from the hustle and bustle that is described in the travel guides. The point owes its name to the cross on the spot, of which, despite many search work in travel guides and on the internet, we could not discover the meaning. So we leave it at some pictures.

Cruz de Tejeda Cruz de Tejeda

From the Cruz de Tejeda you have a beautiful view on the north side of the island and on the Roque Nublo on the South side. Note the clouds band that is still visible in the North. The Cruz de Tejeda retrieves its greatest fame howevery from the Parador de Tejeda. This former State hotel is one of the only hotels in the Interior and offers, as all other paradors, a luxury service on an excellent location in a beautiful historical framework. You pay something more, but it's worth the while. Who prefers a cheaper alternative, can go to the small hotel ' El Refugio ' on the other side.