Caldera de Bandama

In the North of the island, a few kilometres south of the capital, Las Palmas, is the Pico de Bandama, and just beside it the Caldera de Bandama, an old volcano crater.

The Pico is located at an altitude of almost 600 metres and offers a beautiful view on the north-east of the island, especially on the capital Las Palmas. The peak is accessible by the GC802 and farther by a narrow spiral-route, the GC-822. It is surprising that this point is on the route of the many touring-cars that carry tourists along the island. On the top it happens to be pretty busy. It was cloudy and chilly when we got there, and therefore the view of Las Palmas did not come up to our expectations.

Pico de Bandama

If you want something quieter, you can take a stroll to the bottom of the Caldera de Bandama. This crater is, with a diameter of 1000 meters, the largest of the island. The bottom of the crater is located approximately 200 metres deeper. The walk starts on the GC-802 just past the exit of the GC-822. There is a restaurant with some parking places where you can leave the car. The first part of the walk runs over cobble stones (constructed) and a little further you come on a path with gravel (lava-dust). The road winds down and you'll pass a lookout post, where you get already an impressive view on the crater. At the bottom of the crater you'll see the remains of a small farm and there are also some goats around. Inside the crater is a strange silence, only disrupted by the sound of some birds and lizards, some of which are larger than most specimens that we have already seen here.

Pico de Bandama

One of our walking guides reported that you need an authorization to descend into the crater. But there was no trace of any prohibition sign and so we descended.