Barranco de la Aldea

Although this is not a real walk is, we yet take on this car tour in this category. The road along the GC 210 from Artenara to San Nicolas de Tolentino of is one of the least-ridden roads on Gran Canaria. In many places there is only room for one car. We had luck: on the almost 30 kilometres. we crossed only 5 oncoming cars.

On Artenara and Tamadaba we have dedicated a separate page. From Tamadaba you follow again the GC 210. Once beyond Acusa a magnificent landscape unfolds, there is less and less vegetation and you come here in an ancient volcanic area.

After a dozen kilometres you will come to the most beautiful look-out of the island: the Embalse de Parralillo. The Emerald-Green Lake stretches over a few kilometres out into the Valley. Stop at the mill, it is the only place where you can park and from where you have a view on the entire Lake. That makes us recall the Lago Verde on Lanzarote, which has the same green colour. It is obvious that the algae are responsible for this specific colour.

Embalse de Parralillo

Follow the road down, it is now becoming narrower. On the other side of the Lake you can after a small tunnel stop briefly on the side of the road. When you look back, you can see the Baranco de la Aldea in all its splendour. On top lie the Roque Bentaiga and the Roque Nublo which you see right on top of the picture below).

Baranco de la Aldea

Along the dam it goes further downward. At the dam nowhere place to park, and who thought to make a dive in the water, will be deceived again. Nowhere are the banks accessible.

Underneath, the Valley becomes greener again. The valley opens now and under in the plain San Nicolas de Tolentino becomes visible. The town seems much bigger than it actually is, because of the many 'greenhouses' (without glass, just with towels). Still you come along a number of banana plantations, the only ones we have found on the island.

view at San Nicolas