Artenara is the highest village of Gran Canaria. It is located at 1219 meters above sea level. From the square to the church you have a beautiful view over the Baranco de Tejeda, with the Roque Nublo and the Roque Bentaiga.

Panorama Artenara

Just step inside the Church of Artenara ...

Church Artenara Interior Church Artenara

... and especially walk a few hundred metres (up) to the chapel of the Virgen de la Cuevita, which is located in a cave, in the midst of other cave dwellings. The chapel would find its origins in the 14th century, when Franciscan monks came christianize the Canary Islands. They arrived at Artenara with a small statue of the Virgin Mary, which they placed in a cave, carved in the rocks with the help of the converts. The altar is carved from a monolith with a height of 3.5 metres. The image of the Virgen is removed at every feast day and placed in the San Matias parish church, where it is worshipped by the parishioners and pilgrims.

The main celebration takes place on the last Sunday of August. On that occasion there is even a cycling race (the Santa Maria de la Cuevita is worshipped as patroness of the cyclists).

Virgen de la Cuevita

Virgen de la Cuevita Caves