Les Trois Caps

Cap Lardier - kaartjeThe most beautiful walk that we made along the Sentier du Littoral is undoubtedly the one along the 3 Capes: Cap Lardier, Cap Taillat and Cap Camarat. Especially the path between the Plage de Gigaro and Cap Taillat is extremely varied and offers stunning views of the coastline. The path continues along the Cap Camarat, the Plage de Pampelonne, a long sandy beach, and the peninsula of Saint-Tropez.

We did this hike in April, in a sunny and slightly windy weather, allowing us to admire the 'azure' coast in its entire splendor.

It was not crowded yet. In high season this is probably somewhat different.

A more detailed map can be found at the bottom of this page.


You can start the walk in La Croix Valmer, on the Plage de Gigaro. Leave the car by the side of the road or on a parking (to be paid in high season) at the end of the Plage (enter a street on the left, and 100 meters farther is the parking).

The beginning of the trail goes up and down along the various bays along a narrow path, sometimes over the rocks, on the beach or in the bushes. Just before Pin Blanc the path rises significantly, but farther it doesn’t become more difficult than this. The views of the Bay of Cavalaire, further away the Corniche des Maures and in the distance the isles D’Hyères are a nice warming up for what is yet to come. On top of the Pin Blanc, you can go left, back to the starting point. Continue to the right and a little further, at the junction to the Vieux Semaphore, you take the narrow path on the right, continuing on the Sentier du Littoral.

Plage de Gigaro

One kilometer further you come to the Cap Lardier, from where you get the first views on Cap Taillat and where the 'azure' really catches the eye. With the vegetation in adition it becomes even much more colorful, especially on the Cap. The white flowers (they look like 'clover flowers' in bush form) are called “the beard of Jupiter”. The yellow flowers are those of the Euphorbe arborescence, which loses its leaves in the summer to avoid the evaporation of the water through the leaves, leaving only the Red branches. In autumn, the green-blue leaves come back again.

Cap Lardier Cap TaillatBarbe de Jupiter Euphorbe Arborescente

From here you can return to the starting point by taking the alternative route via le vieux Sémaphore, but we go further until Cap Taillat. The path runs first along the coast, then passes some vineyards and continues through the dense scrub. This part is clearly less used. Near Cap Taillat you come to the Plage de Briande. Pay attention here because there is a path on the left side that via la Bastide Blanch goes back to your starting point. However, you have to go further to Cap Taillat. The Cap is actually an island which is connected to the mainland by a narrow beach. This connection is called a 'tombolo' and is a sedimentary deposition due to the sea currents. The most famous example of this is near Hyères, where the Giens Peninsula is connected to the Mainland by a double tombolo.

van Cap Lardier naar Cap Taillat Tombolo Cap Taillat

Again, you can return to the starting point along the path that runs inland to the Plage de Briande (the one we missed). But again, we continue to follow the Sentier du Littoral, leavind it shortly afterwards at the Maison du Douanier, where we turn  left. 100 meters further you keep walking straight ahead (the Sentier Littoral goes right over the rocks, in the direction of Cap Camarat, 8 kilometers further).

A little further you come to a dolmen (on the right side of the road, the 'Park' around it was under construction). Follow the road until you see “La Bastide Blanche” on the left. A kilometer further the road reverses back through a hairpin bend (meaning you are able to shortcut - just after the information sign). Walk in the direction of La Bastide Blanche. At the gate, take the path on the right (ignore the sign board "private"). This path leads back to the coast, over the hill. For the last section you can again choose between the main road 'inland' and the coastal path.  

The total distance of the walk is about 10 kilometers. On the way back we had some searching, but that’s all in the game.

The map below will certainly help you to keep the right direction.

( for ahigh resolution , click on the card with the right mouse button and select ' View Image ' ) kaart - cap lardier - cap taillat