Les 3 Calanques

This walk starts from Cassis and passes through three beautiful and deeply incised Calanques: Calanque de Port Miou, Calanque de Port Pin and Calanque d'en Vau. A detailed map can be found below. The length of this walk is between 5 to 6 kilometers (8 to 9 km if you include the Belvédère d'en Vau).

The starting point is at Port Miou. You can leave the car in the parking lot at the Plage de Bestouan (paying) or better by the side of the road, just after passing ( on the right side) a signpost to Port Miou with an indication of the path. From there you walk a few hundred meters until you are down in the Calanque de Port Miou.

There you see the beginning of the path and the first indications of the GR51 (also called GR98). You walk along the calanque with the marina on the left and the steep limestone wall of the former quarry on the right.

Calanque de Port Miou Steengroeve - Calanque de Port Miou

Calanque de Port PinThe road rises slowly and you get a nice view of the Calanque de Port Miou and the Bay of Cassis with in the background the Cap Canaille. When you go back down you get a view of the Calanque de Port Pin.

Down on the beach you have several possibilities. We take the blue path (No 4 on the map below) that goes steeply upwards and stays close to the coast. When the road bends to the right, you get a view of the Calanque d'en Vau, which gets wonderful colors in the sunlight.

The road turns right again, inland, and a little further slightly to the left to come at the crossroad of different ways. Right it goes back to the beach of the Calanques de Port Pin (which we took later as a way back). The road in front, goes to the youth hostel (No. 4a). We take the road on the left and follow the green walk and the GR path (marked with red and white). The trail runs about 2 to 300 meters steeply down here, first among the rocks, then on the gravel. When you get down, turn left for a picnic on the beach of the Calanque d'En Vau.

Calanque d'en Vau

We return to the foot of the slope but still want to have a look at the Belvédère d'en Vau. Therefore we continue to follow the green-white-red mark on the bottom of the Vallon d'en Vau, first take a left turn on a narrow path towards the Col de L'Oule and next on the top, another left turn on the blue trail (nr.  2) to the Belvédère. On one side you see the Calanque d'en Vau, with in the background Cap Canaille, and on the other the more western part of the Calanques with some islands off the coast of Marseille. Worth the effort to get here.


To get back to the starting point, we return on our steps and follow the GR until we reach Port Miou.