This page was created in collaboration with Miriam and Paul, owners of the apartments Ultima Casa in Santa Maria.

Santa Maria di Maissana is located in the municipality of Maissana, which includes Cembrano, Ossegna, Campore, Santa Maria, Maissana, Disconesi, Colli di Ossegna, Colli di Maissana, Tavarone and Torza. It is 20 kilometers from Sestri Levante, located on the Ligurian coast.

The villages, simple mountain villages, still breathe the atmosphere of ancient times. Imagine yourself back in the days of farm labor, donkeys and a simple life. All those stones that have been promoted to build houses, barns, water mills, walls, cemeteries and churches.

The fields, the many terraces, the grape-sticks, the little gardens .... all hard work from not so long ago.

Varese Ligure

is 10 km from UltimaCasa. It has a beautiful Borgo Antico in a round shape with a large antique tower (Castello dei Fieschi XV century) in the heart and a beautiful old Romanesque stone bridge just on the outskirts of the town. You will see cheerful houses in many colors with decorations on walls and around the windows and doors.

A cozy town with many restaurants, bars, shops and a market on Tuesday.

A visit to the villages in the area is definitely worth it.

Hiking trails

In the neighborhood of Santa Maria you can make beautiful walks

But for the real hikers the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri is probably the biggest challenge. From Santa Maria you can walk here several stages of this hiking trail.


Ultima Casa in Santa Maria di Maissana

Santa Maria di Maissana is a small village in the mountains, about ten kilometers inland, near Sestri Levante. The town of Varese Ligure, with its Borgo Rotondo, is 10 kilometers away. In the neighborhood are also small traditional villages such as Cembrano, Ossegna, Campore, Santa Maria, Maissana and Disconesi.

At the edge of the village, Paul and Miriam have two spacious apartments where you can stay with 4 people each time. The prices (from 85 EUR per night) are much lower than what you pay at the coast.

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