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Between Portovenere and Levanto lies the walking trail N°1, which is also part of a CAI (Club Alpîno Italiano) trail over a total distance of 60 kilometers. Since 2015, this trailed is called the AV5T: the Alta Via Cinque Terre a denomination imposed by the CAI.

The part between Portovenere and Campiglia is amongst the most beautiful walks we ever made ! As from the departure in the centre of Portovenere, the path immediately climbs steeply at the right side of the citadel.

Once you are above the citadel, turn back to enjoy a magnificent view on Portovenere and the Chiesa di san Pietro.

When you get up the hill, the path continues sometimes under the trees, then on a rocky bottom in the open. Looking back, you still see the Chiesa san Pietro, with behind the isles of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto.

Be careful : at some places, the path runs along the cliff.  If you suffer vertigo, you might have a few difficult passages.

The path continues until Campiglia (380m), where you can find some refreshment in the Piccolo Blu.

From Campiglia you can continue the sentiero or take a bus to La Spezia or  Portovenere.

From Campiglia to the Telegrafo (516 m) the walk takes about an hour. At the colle di Telegrafo, you can also find a restaurant, where they have some fine Italian specialties

There you have the choice, either take the Sentiero 503, which leads you via the Sanctuary of Nostra Signori di Montenero, down to Riomaggiore ...

Hiking in the Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre

... or you can continue the sentiero N°1, which leads from there in the  Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre.

At the Sella La Croce, you again have the choice to go left towards  Riomaggiore via the green path 501.

Following the Sentiero N°1 along the ridge, takes you further along the  Sella della Cigoletta (605m) where you can go down to Vernazza via San Bernardino (587).

You can further continue in the direction of Monterosso via the Monte Gaginara, the Monte Castello and the Monte Malpertuso.

The path crosses the main road, where you pass the Santuario Madonna di Soviore. From there the green path  509 takes you down to  Monterosso.

A little bit further, at the colla di Gritta,  the path bends again to the south and continues to the Sella S. Antonio (314m) at the Punto Mesco. There again, you have a superb view on the complete coastline of Cinque Terre. 

You then either continue to the finish in Levanto, or you take the green path  509 back to Monterosso.

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