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Levanto is located just north of Cinque Terre and is a popular place to stay for a visit to Cinque Terre. It is a lively town in a small bay with a sandy beach. The hotels and B&Bs are a little less expensive than in the five villages, while the train takes you there in no time.

Levanto is also a starting point for the Sentiero N°1. The trail via Punto Mesco brings you in 2 ½ hour in Monterosso.

Attractions, worth a visit

The following walk brings you to most of them. A map of Levanto can be found in our e-book.

Start on the Piazza Staglieno, a small park located at the end of a viaduct (1). Go under the viaduct and go left on the esplanade along the beach. On your left you will see a number of beautifully colored villas (2). At the end of the esplanade, you see the boats for Cinque Terre on the right. On the left is the Villa Agnelli (3) that was built in the beginning of the 20th century by one of the founders of Fiat.

Due to its location and surrounding park, it is often compared with the Villa Rufolo in Ravello. We cannot confirm this, as the villa is still private property and cannot be visited.

Get back where you came from and turn right just before the blue villa. A flight of stairs leads you up. You will also see the red-white sign of the Sentiero N°1. The stairs bring you to the Castello (4) of which the earliest traces lead back to the 12th century. Follow the street to the right of the castle wall until you get a view of the Chiesa Sant’Andrea. A small path brings you down to the piazza in front of the church.

The chiesa di Sant'Andrea (5) is a fine example of the Ligurian Gothic style from the 13th century, with a facade in white and grey stripes and a big rosas above the main entrance. The first church was built in 1232. It got its current dimensions in 1463.

Facing the church, take one of the smaller streets to the left which leads you to the Piazza del Populo, where you see La Loggia (6). This structure dates from the 13th century and has been recognised by UNESCO as a cultural monument.

Go up the stairs in the right corner of the Piazza. They lead you to the Oratorio de San Giacomo and the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Costa (7). On the feast of San Giacomo on July 25th there are lots of special activities here.

Continue, down the stairs. Cross the Via Alighieri and get to the Piazza Cavour (8), a beautiful piazza in the center of the city, where you will see the Chiesa di San Rocco (the main entrance is located in one of the side streets).

In addition to the aforementioned city tour and the Sentiero N° 1, there is an interesting, and completely flat walk running from Levanto to Framura, along the coast and partly through an old tunnel. You can also take this route by bike.

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Villagi La Francesca

This holiday village is situated near Levanto in a 15 hectares protected area rich in pine-trees and mediterranean maquis.

Appartments for up to 8 persons allow for a budget friendly stay for families.  With swimming pool, tennis courts and   a tiny beach, you have the choice for either an active or a relaxing holiday. 

Reservations : http://www.villaggilafrancesca.it

La Francesca La Francesca La Francesca

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