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Corniglia lies high on a cliff above the coast. It is the only of the 5 villages that does not have an harbour. From the station, 382 steps lead you ziggy zaggy to the town. At the top, a sign salutes you.Did you book a room in Corniglia and you had to take your luggage up the stairs, bad luck !

The town centre has only one street, free of trafic, going up to the top of a cliff. Halfway is a cosy place, inviting for a drink or a snack. Half way, some bars around a small square, invite you for a drink or some food. At the end of the alley you find the Belvedere di Santa Maria, which offers a complete 180° view of Cinque Terre Coast, from Portovenere to Punto Mesco.

Attractions in Corniglia

Corniglia Chiesa

Chiesa di San Pietro

The Chiesa di San Pietro lies in the center of the town, surrounded by houses. It dates from the 15th century and has gothic as well as baroque elements. The feast of San Pietro is celebrated on June 29th. 

Corniglia from San Bernardino

Santuario di nostra signora delle grazie

The Santuario di nostra signora delle grazie in San Bernardino lies high on a hill behind Corniglia. It lies on the trail N° 8 and is part of the trail connecting the 5 Sanctuaries of Cinque Terre. 

Walks from Corniglia

Sentiero Azzurro

From the station of Corniglia, take the stairs (382) to the center of Corniglia.

To get on the Sentiero Azzurro, you need a Cinque Terre Card. It costs 7.5 EUR and you can buy it on the trail.

This is the most beautiful section of the Sentiero Azzurro.

View the trail in our e-book and GPX-library.

To / From Volastra

To escape from the crowds on the Sentiero Azzurro, we recommend to take the Sentiero 587 / 586 to Volastra. This trail goes up steeply, but continues rather flat through the vineyards.

An easier alternative for this walk starts in Manarola (by bus Volastra) and then the 586/587 to Corniglia.

More info and maps in our e-book

To Manarola

The Sentiero Azzurro from the station of Corniglia to Manarola is unfortunately closed due to several landslides in the past years. Late 2014, the trail was almost repaired when another landslide swept it away again.

To walk to Manarola, follow the alternative to/from Volastra.

Bar Enoteca Terra Rossa

Terra Rossa Entering the town of Corniglia, coming from Vernazza, you will see a terrace covered by a “green roof” on your left side. A good place to recover from your walk and to find some refreshment before entering the town. From the terrace you have a sea view, where you can enjoy sunset in the summer.

This is a place to relax. “No WIFI available” is even used as an invitation. Sabrina and Eliana serve drinks and snacks, based on the local Ligurian cuisine. In their small shop a few meters down the road, you will find their products for sale.

Address : Via Fieschi 58, Corniglia
Terra Rossa is located on the Sentiero Azzuro.

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