Baia di Trentova

Just south of Agropoli is the Baia di Trentova one of the nicer beaches in the area, although it is a bit neglected; the free parking in the area could even be called a mess. The Italians apparently make a habit, during their holidays, to throw all waste simply out of the car.

In the lido (the beach bar), the chairs we were sitting on, were literally removed from under our seat. Season was clearly over.

We made our last walk and with the fairly detailed map we had bought we felt safe so. We took the road to the right of the (free) parking, the beginning of the “coast trail” that covers the whole coast of Cilento. After several hundred meters, the road bends slightly to the right and goes slowly upwards; we got a nice view of the Baia di Trentova with Agropoli in the background and much farther the Gulf of Salerno and the Amalfi Coast. (Photo below left).

When, on our left, we passed by two houses (ruins), there was a sign saying “Private equity”. However, as our walking-card also provided an alternative road, which runs up the mountain, we decided to take this. Initially, the trail was clearly visible. Next to a ruin we went right up the hill. The path here was barely visible, but we left the top of Monte Tresino on our left. After half an hour we met a German couple walking in the other direction, what made us of course reassuring. We arrived on a wider path, passing a few fences and even a barrier (which again warned that the area where we came in was private land ). We arrived at the Casale di San Giovanni, another ruin this time of a church / monastery.



Several hundred of meters away, at the time we got a view of the coast in the south, with Santa Maria and Castellabate (pictured above right), we took a broad gravel path right which, with some hairpin turns, descends to the coast. When we got a villa in sight, we turned right into a narrow path (with red and white sign)running along the villa (surrounded with a high fence). (If you walk it in the opposite direction, you need, at the point that the way crashes on the villa, to take the little road running up along the fence on the left of the estate.) So we came back on the path along the coast. We went past the Torre di Punta Tresino, a ruin of a tower this time. A little further down there is a small bay with a tiny beach, but there is no trace of a path down. The road eventually comes to the point where we took the alternative path in the beginning. The domain on the left may be private, the road is clearly public.

B&B Baia di Trentova

We probably should not have found the Baia di Trentova, if we had not been looking for a B & B. for our last night. Using Tripadvisor we got into the B&B Baia Trentova, a recent B&B, which is run by a young couple, Oreste and Adriana. Their B & B has a wonderful location, high on the hill overlooking the sea. We were treated to drinks, home-made cakes and delicious lemon cake. Because we booked so late, we could not enjoy the culinary talents of our hosts, but the reviews on Tripadvisor leave no doubt: this should simply be delicious.

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