Paestum is is situated largely 60 km below Salerno, in a large plain. The area between Salerno and Paestum is mainly an agricultural area where many horticultural works are located. Along the coast are beautiful beaches, separated from the interior by a narrow strip of pine woods. To Italian custom, the beaches are not easy to reach. Most are run as camping or lido, and are available only against payment. Occasionally there is a passage with free access. But once you are on the beach, you can walk for miles along the water.

The great reputation of this area is due to the archaeological site of Paestum, which three Greek temples to be found, all in Doric style. There are also many remnants of the old city, left and right of the Via Sacra (Sacred Road). The archaeological museum of Paestum you should definitely visit. The best finds from the area, especially from the Greek period, are preserved in this museum.

The site of ancient Paestum is part of the Cilento National Park and was recognized in 1998 as UNESCO World Heritage.

Descriptions of the temples you will find enough in other places. We therefore restrict ourselves to some nice pictures of the Temple of Athena, the Via Sacra and the Temple of Poseidon.

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