A car trip through Cilento

From our first residence near Perdifumo (Castellabate area), we chose Felitto as our goal, for we wanted to make a hike. It was barely 50 kilometres further and therefore preferred totake the byroads, which took us over three hours. Without a decent map, it is difficult to choose the best of the small country roads. Moreover, there were quite a number of attractions on the road, for which we just wanted to interrupt our tour.

Somewhere we lost our way and therefore arrived unintentionally in Lustra, a small village atop a hill with a beautiful church and the ruin of a castle on top.

We made a detour along Ostigliano, meant to touch the lake, but could not get more than a view. Our next stop was Perito, a village that lies sprawled on a hillside (see our banner on top), from where you have sweeping views of the surroundings.

We hurried further now along Orria, Sito and Campora towards Felitto. We ignored the exit for Valle dell'Angel on the right (if you take this one you get into Roscigno). The old village part Roscigno Vecchia is completely desolate. According to Luigi, the owner of our B&B, it is worth visiting).

In Felitto we made a nice walk, Gole del Calore, and drove further along Roccadispide and Paestum. back to Agropoli and Perdifumo.

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