Castellabate is situated about ten kilometres south of Agropoli. We stayed near, in Agriturismo La Mimosa (see below), and visited the town twice in the evening.

Castellabate consists of three parts. The historic center is a hill, about 300 meters high. Santa Maria and San Marco are on the coast between Punta Licosa and Punto Tresino.

The town has its name from the castle: Castello dell'Abate (castle of the abbot) became Castellabate. It was built in 1123 and had to protect the city against the incursions of the Saracens. It underwent several renovations over the years.

The old town is accessible via one of the five gates: the Porta Cavaliere and the Porta di Mare, on the side of the coast. The Porta Chiazza, the Porta San Eustachio and the Porta de li Bovi that show on the hinterland. The latter, located near the castle is the best known. From the square in front of the castle you have a magnificent view of the coast north, first to Santa Maria di Castellabate and later the Gulf of Salerno. Especially in the evening it offers a nice view. You will see the different villages of the Amalfi coast, against the hills.



The Piazza 'Octobre 10, 1123', is the real centre of the city, especially in the evening(see photo above right). You can enjoy the local specialities on the terraces of the local restaurants.

Further you should go along the narrow streets, in search of the Papal Basilica dedicated to San Maria di Gulia, with its 16th century façade and a beautiful bell tower. The interior contains some fine paintings. On the square in front of the basilica you will find also a small church of the Rosario. There are also a number of “palaces”: the Palazzo Matarazzo, the Palazzo Vechio and the Palazzo Jaquinto, and numerous chapels.

Walking to Punta Licosa

We totally missed this, but from San Marco, one can stroll along the coast to Punta Licosa (the most western point of Cilento)

Agriturismo La Mimosa

If you want to enjoy a peaceful holiday, then we can definitely recommend this B & B. Located four kilometres from Castellabate, in the hamlet Difesa of the neighbouring village Difesa. It is located in a wide valley, with stunning views for miles that expire.

From the main building you first come to the pool, the farm is located further down the valley.

Price / quality this is an absolute must.

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