We have come to nature, so, on the way back to Naples airport we choose for the Vesuvius. From the motorway is only a dozen kilometers to the Vesuvius. The road is fairly well marked. Mid flank lies a car park. Much too small. So sit and wait until there is a vacancy. It is fortunately not yet high season, we therefore come off with half an hour wait.

From the parking it goes on foot. The road to the summit is about 2 kilometer long. In half an hour you easily get on top. You will be rewarded twice: first a view of the crater, on the other hand a magnificent view over the large area: the plain of Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri, ...

From the flank of the Vesuvius, you have a superb view on the city of Naples, much closer than Pompei. Almost 2 million people are living in Naples. It is hard to imagine what would happen if Mount Vesuvius would erupt again !

The volcano may the last decades have been quiet, previously there were regular eruptions. The best known dates from 79 AD. That reduced Pompeii and Herculaneum to ashes. The eruption is described by Pliny the Younger, who was around with the fleet of his father.

Between 1600 and 1944 there were no fewer than 20 smaller eruptions. The rest of the last decades is also quite relative.

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Hikes on the flanks
of the Vesuvius

In the National Park of the Vesuvius, there are nine walks / hikes, that have been constructed beginning of this century. They have a total length of 54 km. We only detected these after our last visit. We will not forget them on a next occasion. More information is available on the site of the National Park of the Vesuvius.

1. La valle dell’Inferno (length : 10 km, Difficult, hauteur maximale : 965 mètres)

2. Lugni I Cognoli (length: 8 km, Difficult, Maximum height: 1112 m)

3. Il Monte Somma (length: 8 km, Difficult, Maximum height: 1132 m)

4. Attraverso la Riserva Tirone (length: 8 km, easy, Maximum height: 690 m)

5. Il Gran Cono (lengthr: 4 km, medium difficulty, Maximum height: 1170 m)

6. Lungo la Strada Matrone (length: 7 km, Difficult, Maximum height: 1015 m)

7. Il Vallone della Profica (length: 2 km, easy, Maximum height: 430 m)

8. Il trenino a Cremagliera (length: 1.2 km, easy, Maximum height : 520 m)


9. Il fiume di lava (length: 0,7 km, easy, Maximum height : 540 m)


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