Valle delle Ferriere

The hike in the Valle delle Ferriere runs in the same valley as the one in the Valle dei Mulini, only several hundred meters higher. Therefore you get a totally different walk.

This tour can also be started from Amalfi. You do take a steep path (rather a stair) that brings you to Pogerola. As our hotel lies on the road to Pogerola and our hotel manager offers us a drive, we choose "the easy way" and drive to Pogerola by car. After all, the walk ahead of us is long enough ...

Pogerola lies at an altitude of approximately 300 meter. The first part of the trail goes up considerably, until you reach an altitude of approximately 500 meter. Further on, the trail continues relatively flat. It winds around the slopes of the hills, once through a quiet forest, then under the cliffs, with magnificent views of the valley. Occasionally you pass a house, with the obligatory lemon trees and corresponding garden. In a clearing a few charred tree trunks still recall a single wood fire which some years ago devastated part of this nature. Luckily, nature recovers quickly. In some of the many valleys the water still flows down past splashing waterfalls.

You follow the red and white signs of the C.A.I. (Italian Alpine Club), similar to the GR-paths. At the farthest point of the walk, after about four kilometers, you come back to Rio Canneto, which also flows down through the Valle dei Mulini. There is no bridge,but we just get across with dry feet, even though we later decide to cool our feet in the icy water. Just upstream are still a few serious falls. Time for a picnic or at least half an hour flat in this quiet natural beauty.

The road goes now again towards the coast. The path is slightly wider, the views are larger. You get first Pogerola (the starting point) in sight, some of the waterfalls and at last Amalfi. When the path with the red-white marks steepens again (towards Castello), do not follow this, but follow the main path right.

At the next junction you have to choose : either descend into Pontoone and eventually the through the Valle dei Mulini to Amalfi, or continue the walk to Scala. We take the second option and just before a short tunnel, we do not regret it ! A beautiful view : Amalfi and Atrani together in one picture.

Coming out of the tunnel, another beautiful view : Scala and Ravello, with the Villa Cimbrone and the many churches of both villages. In the background lies the Convento di San Nicola lonely against the mountain flanks. If we ever return we will make this walk also (from Ravello to Minori). We continue up to Ravello, where we'll later be chased by a hefty rainstorm. Luckily we didn't get it over us earlier in the day.

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