Valle dei Mulini

From Amalfi you can make several walks. In our preparations, we were somewhat confused because the different names are used interchangeably: Valle dei Mulini, Valle delle Ferriere, Torre del Ziro. But on the spot, it appeared to be quite simple. Both walks run in the same valley. The first (Valle dei Mulini) follows the course of the Canneto and continues to Pontone (where you absolutely should go to lookout above the Torre del Ziro). The second (Valle delle Ferriere) runs in the same valley, only a few hundred meters higher. You get a totally different walk, that you can prolongue to Scala and Ravello.

The hike in the Valle dei Mulini starts in the center of Amalfi. You walk down the street up to the Museo della Carta. Further on, you crash on a fence, where you can see a first artificial waterfall. In order to continue the walk you have to go back to the Museo della Carta. You turn left and after 50 meter left again into a narrow path that you continue to follow. The path goes up slowly, in the beginning it is well-paved, but a little further it becomes more 'natural'. You'll pass some old abandoned buildings, old paper mills, you walk between the lemon plantations and in the valley below you hear the water of the Canneto river..

At the second mill, you come closer to the stream. through the leaves of the trees, you start getting a glimpse of the rapids and some small waterfalls. You're now fully into the wild. At the top of the path you get to the ruins of a third mill, where the Canneto shows its splendor. One waterfall follows the other. We were perhaps fortunate that it had rained heavily the previous day (one may sometimes have some luck), so it probably was just a bit more spectacular.

On top (at the bridge over the river) the path still runs through (the Sentiero Giustino Fortunato). It connects to the elevated walk. You return on your steps here and follow the walk towards Pontone. It still goes slightly up, you now walk on the flank of the valley, the river disappears again behind the green. When approaching Pontone, you get Amalfi back in sight, below in the valley, with the blue water of the Mediterranean in the background.

In Pontone, there is not much to see. We follow the indication to the Torre del Ziro. At a split you have on your right the “stairs” which plunge steeply down to Amalfi. However we choose to go to left, despite a control barrier that closed the path. Further on, the path zigzags up again, passes a gate (which fortunately is open) and comes on top of a plateau. The trail continues under the trees, we ignore several side roads until we get to an observation point, for which words are inadequate: on the left is Ravello (Villa Cimbrone) and the western half of the Amalfi coast, at the left below you see Atrani (photo 1 below), in the middle Torre del Ziro (picture 2) and to the right below Amalfi (picture 3).

Absolutely brilliant ...

From Pontone you have several options to return to Amalfi. You can take the stairs, probably the fastest way, but our calves have already consumed enough stairs, and we are not in a hurry. There is also a bus to bring us back to Amalfi, but only a few times a day. We therefore choose to walk to Atrani. We follow the main road several hundred meters. Fortunately there is not too much trafic. Then we choose the path (with stairs) that leads straight to the center of Atrani. Once between the houses of Atrani, the path further narrows. In some places it is even completely vaulted. We will end up on a small courtyard in the center, where some terraces kindly invite us to an outdoor ice cream. A temptation we can not resist before walking back to Amalfi (along the Strada Statale).

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