Sentiero degli Dei

The Path of the Gods runs from Bomerano to Nocelle, high above the Amalfi coast. Only superlatives can describe this walk: breathtaking and dizzy.

The Path starts at the town square in Bomerano, where you should not forget to have look at the big bronze gate of the church (similar to the one in Amalfi.

The path starts in one of the corners of the square, where some panels show a map and provide information on the hike. At first, the path descends quite sharply. At the fork take the small bridge on the right (left, the Pennine Sentiero leads to Furore). Turn left and after a few hundred meters, you see the official start of Sentiero degli Dei.

The path descends slightly at the foot of a rocky wall on your right. In the distance, you can already see the Colle della Sera.

The path is at an altitude of about 550 meter. Sometimes it runs along a steep cliff (on the left), then under high cliffs (on the right) or through small valleys between the bushes. The views of Positano and the raw Amalfi coast are of the best we could behold.


When approaching Nocello, the path is again better maintained. In Nocello, we descend along a chapel to the church square. The first time we walked the path, We failed to look at our documentation and chose the signs “Positano - 1700 steps”. We realised too late that this is the branch to Arienzo and miss the rest of the Sentiero to Montepertuso. As punishment, we have go down the 1700 stairs, with no flat between. When we arrive below, our legs tremble.

On a next occasion, we take the turn right, just behind the chapel. 100 m further on, there is a bar / restaurant. With a little luck, you can enjoy a meal with a superb view over Positano and a big part of the Amalfi Coast.

From Nocelle, you can take a bus to Positano (although the square where it starts is difficult to find, you may have to walk a lot of stairs if you miss the right turn right). We advice to continue the hike to Montepertuso. The first part follows an old path (restored), while the second part is following the main road. After a while, you will see the famous rock with a hole in Montepertuso.

Montepertuso does not offer too much. You can take the bus, or still continue to go down, following the path on the right side of the church. Again, lots of stairs, but you won't regret it, as it offers some beautiful views on Positano.

Sentiero degli Dei from Praiano

On the Strada Statale, take "Via F. Russo" or "Via degli Ulivi" upwards. In fact, these are no more than stairs.

At the top of the staire, turn left into the Via Croce, in the direction of San Domenico. As soon as you leave the town, the path rises steeply, but the stairs are well maintained. By the Chiesa di San Domenico, you are already at an altitude of 364 meters, with a wonderful view of Positano and Vettica.

The church and especially the monastery of San Domenico are slightly "abandoned". The church is open (which is not true of most other churches). The birds have free rein. It is hard to believe that the frescoes, in the front left of the church, are several hundred years old.

Following the path, there are no more stairs. The trail makes its way on a rocky soil. As soon as you reach the sentiero, you can turn left to Nocello or right to Bomerano (see above)

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