Praiano is centrally located on the Amalfi coast, about halfway between Positano and Amalfi. The village has 2 cores: from Praiano you can watch the sun rise towards Amalfi, from Vettica you can see the sunset in the direction of Positano.

In terms of attractions Praiano has, except for a number of churches and fortified towers, not so much to offer. With its central location it is however the ideal spot for a thorough exploration of the Amalfi Coast. By bus you are bus in Amalfi or Positano within 20 minutes. But from Praiano out, you can start splendid walks

(View on the Amalfi Coast from the Villa Frantoio)

In 2009 thela Chiesa Parochiale de San Gennaro was completely restored. The multicolored dome rises again in full splendor above the village. The church dates from the 16th century, but the first traces of a church in this town date back to the 13th century. The church, Renaissance style, has a nave and two aisles with several altars. Most striking is the ceramic floor.

Fraom 1 to 4 August Praiano celebrates 'Luminaria di San Domenica', a tradition which is honored since. The people decorate their homes with all sorts of lights and candles. This tradition dates back to the legend that says the mother of San Domenico, before he was born, dreamed of a dog that walked with a torch in its mouth to burn the world. Domenico then received the task to spread "Word of God" in the world.
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Praiano also owns a beach, but as for sand, you'll be looking in vain. To get there, take the small path down behind the church and follow signs for the "Spiaggia". The narrow path takes to the stairs, a few hundred metres further, leading down to the beach. The view on the "beach", with umbrellas and chairs and even a bar, providing food & drinks with an impeccable service.

Just above the beach, you can find the bar-restaurant La Gavitella, where you can enjoy a delicious meal with a beautiful view. You can also rent small boats. For 50 euros you have one that allows you to enjoy the Amalfi coast for an hour. Funny to be captain of your boat !

Mais surtout, Praiano est le point de départ idéal pour des promenades magnifiques.

Sentiero degli Dei

From Vettica you can ascend, on a beautiful path along the Chiesa di San Domenic, to the Sentiero. This can then follow the direction of Positano or Bomerano. Back by bus.
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sentiero degli dei sentiero degli dei

Sentiero dell'Agave in Fiore

From the Praia (the small beach), follow the path up into the valley. Continue on the path high above the coast to the Chiesa San'Elia. You can further follow the 'Sentiero delle Volpe Pescatrice' to Furore. Back with the bus to Praiano or follow the 'Sentiero dei Pipistrelli Impazitti' to Conca dei Marini.

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