Positano is for most visitors to the Amalfi coast the first village they visit during their trip along the Amalfi coast. It is a quite fashionable place, with beautiful, but expensive hotels, many art galleries and its own fashion label. The white houses, built in oriental style, are pasted against the mountainside. The village is protected against the north winds by the Lattari mountains. With its many small beaches, some private, it is one of the most popular villages.

In the narrow streets, you'll find many shops and art galleries and above all, lots of English and American tourists. Sure you'll recognise them !

The emergence of Positano is halfway between history and legend. According to legend, Positano was founded by Poseidon, the god of the sea, as an expression of his love for the nymph Pasitea.

The sirens, which had to decoy Odysseus, on his wanderings through the Mediterranean Sea's, with their beautiful songs, would have made this from Li Galli, the islands that lie opposite Positano. Odysseus, warned by Kirke, stopped the ears of his crew with beeswax and let himself tie to the mast. Only so he could prevent his ship from smashing to pieces on the cliffs.

The Roman Emperor Tiberius used Positano as grain warehouse. In the time of the Maritime Republics, it was looted several times by Pisa. More and more houses were built to the height in order to be better protected against invasions. From the mid-12th century, it lost, like Amalfi, much of its importance.

It was not until the early 19th century that the region was again discovered by the German, British and American tourists. There grew a thriving fashion industry. An own brand “Moda Positana”, characterized by colorful flower motifs, was created.


The small village in the hills above Positano is known for its' rock with a hole'.

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