The obligatory question you usually get when you tell you are going to Naples and surroundings: "You're going to Capri?"

We did not have the intention to go, contrary as we are, and also because we were far from tired of the beauty of the Amalfi coast. However, some dark clouds on the last day of our stay made us decide not to go hiking and yet to go to Capri.

Because we were travelling outside the peak season, there were no regular sailings from Positano and Amalfi. So we drove by car to Sorrento. Poorly prepared it takes a while before we find the departure point in the port of Sorrento. Once found the next stumbling block shows to be finding a parking. There is nothing else than leave the car in an underground parking garage for a sloppy 25 Euro (we have to hand over the keys, so we suspect the owners are stacking the cars). We have to hurry to the ferry and are just in time for a return ticket (53 Euro for two).

On arrival in Capri, we simply follow the horde of tourists. Queuing for half an hour at the Funicula (the "train' to the upper town) to find out just before our turn that the tickets are not sold here, but 100 meter. The top of Capri shows to be very busy. The terraces on the square are packed. We decide to make a walk to the Villa Jovis, the villa of Emperor Tiberius. We are barely one hundred meters from the center and, wonder of wonders: the calm returns. In addition, the sun starts shining again. We can finally enjoy our trip.

Along the narrow paths, but without stairs, we reach the Villa Jovis, where we can enjoy a magnificent view over the peninsula of Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, Naples and the Vesuvius.

We must hurry to conclude with a few highlights : the Via Krupp, the Arco Naturale, and some stunning views ...

But the best picture of the day was yet to come ...

The visit to Capri ended with mixed feelings. You should probably have seen it when you're in the area but, to end in the words of Herve Villard :

Capri, c'est fini, je ne crois pas que j'y retournerai un jour.

We have to admit that we broke this 'promise' on our next visit and probably will again, if we ever return

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