Cinque Terre

a hidden pearl between Liguria and Tuscany.

Cinque Terre has many assets to entice the tourists. And yet you can not find it in the classic holiday brochures, with the exception of specific walking brochures. What then explains yet the appeal of this small coastal strip in the north of Italy?

We'll stick with a combination of sun and sea, charming villages, a national park in the hills, hiking trails, the harbors, boat trips on the sea, good food, local wine, anchovies, ...

If you want to see the real Cinque Terre, you will have to leave the beaten paths: walk into the small side streets of the villages, take the trails that go up into the hills, hike early in the morning or late in the evening, plan your visit outof season, book a place to stay in the center of one of the villages, get in touch with the local population (some words in italian can do wonders), ...

On this page, you will find a first introduction. The rest of our website will guide you on a virtual visit in Cinque Terre. Once you've decided to go there, our e-book is the best investment you can make in order to get the most out of your visit.

New : The Cinque Terre Express

As from May 8th (2016) there is a new train connection between La Spezia and Levanto : the Cinque Terre Express, which goes back and forth between La Spezia and Levanto with a frequency of 2 trains per hour, including stops in the 5 villages. It is the intention to further increase the frequence to 4 trains per hour. The price of the tickets is considerably higher : 4 EUR for a single trip. The price of the Cinque Terre Train Card has been increased as well : from 12 EUR to 16 EUR.

squeezed into a narrow valley.

where fishing boats decorate the main street

High on a rock !

completed recovered from the flood of October 25th 2011 !

a real 'sea-resort'.

Portovenere - Levanto
Discover the neighbours
La Spezia, Portovenere and Levanto

In our e-book, you will find a detailed description of the villages, including maps and a list of possible hikes.

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Hiking trails

Cinque Terre has become famous thanks to its trails :

Sentiero Azzurro
between Riomaggiore and Monterosso, one of the only trails where you don't regret having to pay for it !

Sentiero N°1
the long distance trail between Levanto and Portovenere through the National Park of Cinque Terre.

numerous other trails
between the sea and the sun, criss-cross through the National Park.

In our e-book you will find a detailed description of the walks, including maps which allow you to start walking as soon as you get there.

Around Cinque Terre

For many, Cinque Terre is just a stopover on the way to their main destination. But you will find many opportunities in the neighbourhood that will allow you to Cinque Terre the main destination of your trip !

If you are particularly interested in the nature and hiking, you will find these destinations less than 30 kilometers from Cinque Terre.

Parco Regionale di Portofino
the mundane Portofino or great walks in the regional park.


Visit the impressive marble quarries, the main source for lots of classic masterpieces

Parco Regionale di Montemarcello

Small towns as Tellaro and Montemarcello, cities like Lerici and Sarzana.

But there are also some cities less than an hour's drive from the Cinque Terre.


with its leaning tower, one of the things you should see at least once in your life.


still fully walled, an open air museum.

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